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Integral Spirituality - Living in Harmony

To live in harmony sounds like a simple concept, but humans have forgotten how to live with simplicity and humility.  An obvious example of this is how easy it should be for us to live in harmony with nature. We, like other animals, are from this earth and should have no particular problem to live at one with it. Yet many people are helpless, not knowing where to look for a little serenity.  Some turn to various religions and philosophies, which all tend to the same thing under different names. Yet each claims to have the only truth. The truth? Which one? We can not hold the truth. Besides, what does the word "truth" mean? Epictetus said that the only truth we can be certain of is that there is no truth! This means that we can only continue to look, we can not hold the truth.

Historically, man has sought to dominate the world, to understand everything, to control everything! Yet, perhaps it is the opposite of these that brings serenity? If enough try to live as simply as possible, would we not achieve greater harmony and peace? While this may seem obvious, few people understand what living with serenity or a simple life means. It is not necessarily to be deprived, or devoid of any culture. Rather, it is to be able to listen to nature, to the planet and trying to communicate with the environment.  Sometimes this requires letting go or forgetting what we know.

Daily life compels us to constantly reflect on our present, our future, our childrens' future, to return to our past mistakes that inevitably resurface in our present ... and so on! It is difficult, if not impossible to escape. But, in contrast, it is possible to provide spiritual moments where we can escape our fate. Even if you live in a town, nothing prevents you from resting your mind. You can find the resources needed to support you, allowing you to face the day with lightness and inner harmony.

We are part of a whole: it is composed of all the planet and all living beings who are here and all of nature in its glory.  This whole is in constant motion, beings who die still live in other forms because the atoms that decompose regroup elsewhere. We connect with the earth, animals, plants and minerals, whether we know it or not! When we become aware of taking our mind away from everyday life, we can reach the point and find the real, the true essence of the human, which is composed of more than just a body and a mind. When we find the strength to seek to be in harmony with nature our mind is in harmony with ourselves.