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Cornwall Bed and Breakfast – a Great way to Discover Cornwall


Cross the River Tamar from Devon into Cornwall and the first-time visitor could easily be forgiven for believing that they had entered a different world - an, ancient and mystical kingdom of contrasts and contradictions.  Magnificent seascapes, with wide sandy beaches and thriving fishing villages nestling in picturesque river esturies.  Wild open moors with reminders of a rich and diverse past, from the deserted yet strangely romantic remains of a lost mining industry to the mystical standing stone circles and celtic crosses.  And seemingly everywhere, a pervading sense of a rich and romantic heritage which is somehow palpably different from the mundane, everyday landscape visitors have just left behind.

With a coastline stretching for almost 300 miles, this strange and magical realm reaches west into the Atlantic ocean, seemingly isolated from the rest of the UK with the true feel of a land on the edge of a continent.  For thousands of years, Cornwall has, indeed, considered itself a land apart.  Its Celtic roots, even its own language, have given Cornwall an identity and heritage which seems to define the character of Cornwall and its people.  And yet, the warm welcome which has been the special hallmark of the Cornish people remains undiminshed and is one of the lasting memories that many visitors to Cornwall will treasure.

Cornwall Bed and Breakfast Accommodation is second to none in the UK and many of the county’s “boutique” establishments have accquired an enviable reputation for comfort, customer service and quite wonderful food, often mainly focusing on fresh local ingredients, with many specialising in seafood, caught locally, of course, or stunningly original vegetarian cuisine. 

While the traditional view of a Cornwall b&b may be as a great venue for a family holiday or a romantic getaway, most establishments are also more than happy to cater for the single visitor who simply wants to escape on their own for a while and to revel in the wonderful openess and solitude which this magical landscape affords.

Cornwall b&b providers have also been quick to provide for the many visitors who prefer the flexibility of a cottage style holiday. And selfcatering in Cornwall is an option which has grown in popularity in recent years.  The flexibility of the more traditional Cornwall bed and breakfast, with the option for either self catering or excellent home-cooked food is part of the reason for the enduring popularity of the Cornwall b&b as a holiday destination of choice, whether in or out of season.

Perhaps because of the inspiration provided by the awe-inspiring local scenery, Cornwall has always had a thriving local art scene.  Visit almost any of the lovely coastal villages and you’ll find one or two galleries with examples of local artists work.  Many Cornwall bed and breakfast establishments, too, have displays of local art for sale, either simply displayed around the walls of the public rooms or, in some cases, as a separate gallery area which allows members of the public, as well as guests, to view the works on offer.

Whether you’re a first-timer in Cornwall or a frequent visitor, there’s always something new to see and do, and the traditional Cornwall bed and breakfast is a great way to find a base for your stay in this remarkable secret kingdom.

Discover the Magic of Cornwall

For years, the Cornish Riviera has been a special destination, cherished by thousands of visitors.  At Coast Cornwall, you can discover for yourself the magic which makes this such a special  Cornwall bed and breakfast destination.  Coast Cornwall provides a wide range of options which offers something for everyone.