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Interfaith ministers for ceremonies in Yorkshire

Interfaith ministry is becoming an increasingly popular option for weddings and other ceremonies for participants who do not want a religious wedding, or couples of different faiths who would prefer a more 'neutral' ceremony and setting. Interfaith ministers can legally marry couples in Scotland but not in England or Wales, where the legal part of the wedding ceremony would occur in a registry office before the wedding ceremony itself would take place and be celebrated by an Interfaith minister.

Interfaith ministers are not affiliated with any particular religion and are legally registered as non-conformist ministers. Contrary to popular belief, Interfaith ministers do not 'belong' to or have an immense knowledge of all faiths, instead they are of no particular faith and have an understanding of the beliefs surrounding many faiths and those which may exist in people who have no faith. Interfaith ministers often attend to ceremonies for people who feel spiritually engaged with the world but who do not engage in traditional religion or do not feel like they have faith in general. As such, Interfaith ministers are well-prepared to celebrate ceremonies for couples of no faith or mixed faith with compassion and understanding. 

Leah and Peter Findlay are Interfaith ministers who work in the Yorkshire area. Specialising in alternative ceremonies, Leah and Peter will celebrate weddings, perform funerals and carry out baby naming ceremonies (the alternative version of Christenings) anywhere in the Yorkshire area. They are experienced Interfaith ministers who, like all ministers, have both been fully trained at the Interfaith Seminary in London. Leah and Peter are independent Interfaith ministers who seek to help you celebrate your ceremony in a personal and sensitive way, making it more significant and memorable.

Independent Interfaith ministers and celebrants like Peter and Leah often work within a given geographical area, like Yorkshire, but are able to travel throughout it as ceremonies are usually held at the venue of your choice (as long as this is not a religious building). So if you are looking for an alternative ceremony which will be celebrated to your wishes and in a way which suits both you as participants and your guests too, Interfaith ministry is the perfect choice.